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Evasion Role

Evasion- B.A.D (Ball, Att'r, Def'r)

Academy Hurling Activity- Swap Grid

Spacial Awareness Game

Squat Series 2

Single Leg Stability 2

u16 Athletic Development Video Clip Nov(2)

u10 Athletic Development Video Clip 1

Solo Video Clip

Lock Position Video Clip

Crouch Lift Video Clip

Punt Kick- Target Practice

Academy Hurling Activity-'Whack a tyre'

Acdemy Hurling Activity- Dodgems

Ladder Movement Variations

Squat Series 1

Single Leg Stability 1

u16 Athletic Development Video Clip 1

u9 Boys Athletic Devlopment 2

Ready Position Video Clip

Hook Kick Video Clip

Left and Right sided practice

Academy Hurling Activity- Gates

Spacial Awareness Game- Corners

Squat Series 3

Single Leg Stability 3

Athletic Development- u11 Boys

U10 Athletic Development Video Clip 2

u9 Boys Athletic Devlopment

Punt Kick Video Clip

Ground Dribble Video Clip