Pitch Allocation



As the long Winter evenings set in, we’re hopeful that with Grant success and your cooperation, this will be our last Winter of Training Discontent! Currently we have 3 areas under lights: Pitch 1C, Academy 1&2 & Pitches 3A&B. Realistically and in fairness to every team, we are only able to allocate one ‘under lights’ training slot for each team per week. Peak times are 18h30 – 20h00 Monday – Thursday giving us 12 time-slots to be split over 14 teams. We have had to merge the times for the youngest girls’ and boys’ teams (U7-U9) but have assigned them the most well-lit area. Adult and Minor teams currently train after 20h00 and there should be enough area for them to maintain their current schedule. If any Minor or Adult team are in doubt as to their training time/area, please email me on info@stpatsgaa.com


Pitch 1C Academy 1&2 Pitch 3A&B
Monday U16 Girls U12 Boys U13 Boys
Tuesday U15 Boys U8 Boys U11 Boys
Wednesday U14 Girls U8 & U10 Girls U12 Girls
Thursday U14 Boys U7 & U9 Boys U10 Boys
Friday Minor Hurling GFM+O